Our children’s buffet menus are prepared by our professional catering team and beautifully presented. The following menus are tried and tested for quality, quantity and also choice. However, please feel free to contact us should you have any specific requirements and we would be delighted to assist. Please note that there are also catering options for your adult guests.


Cold Buffet – served as a beautifully presented buffet and themed to perfectly match your party.

 Assorted sandwich triangles

 Pom Bear Crisps

 Mini sausages

 Mini cheddar cheese sticks

 Mini sausage rolls

 Fresh vegetable selection including cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots

 Colourful iced fairy cakes

 Mini branded chocolate bars

 Robinsons fruit squash

Hot Buffet – served as a beautiful buffet and also themed to match your party to perfection.

 Mini pizza slices

 Pure chicken breast gougons

 Chunky chips

 Fresh vegetable selection including cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots

 Colourful iced fairy cakes

 Mini branded chocolate bars

 Robinsons fruit squash 

Luxury Buffet – to really indulge your young guests, we are delighted to offer our superb luxury buffet option. 

 Assorted sandwich shapes and mini filled rolls

 Sausage rolls

 Fresh fruit kebabs

 Fresh vegetable kebabs

 Mini pizza slices

 Pom Bear crisps

 Handcrafted fairy cake

 Handmade iced cookies

 Robinsons fruit squash to drink

Super Deluxe Cold Buffet –OUTSTANDING children’s buffet menu – simply the most stunning buffet yet!!!

 Mini shaped sandwiches with salad garnish,

 Pom Bear crisps

 Cocktail sticks filled with pink and white striped marshmellows - and the top marshmellow on each stick to be covered in chocolate and multi coloured sprinkles

 Fruit 'Hedgehogs' - fresh fruit on sticks displayed like a hedgehog

 Vegetable 'Hedgehogs' - exactly the same as above but with a cube of cheese, a mini sausage and a cherry tomato,

 Handcrafted fairy cake (made by our cake supplier),

 Handmade and decorated cookie (also made by our cake supplier),

 Robinsons fruit squash to drink

Luxury Hot Buffet – Oh where do we begin? This menu makes a delicious and substantial evening meal. 

 Mini pizza slices with various toppings

 Pure chicken breast gougons with choice of sauces

 Fish gougons with dips

 Delicious chunky chips

 Choice of mini sandwiches

 Mini filled rolls

 Fantastic ice cream buffet

 Beautiful handcrafted fairy cakes

 Choice of soft cold drinks

Additional Options for Children...served on giant platters (approximately 40 of each item)

 Fresh vegetable cubes on sticks

 Fresh fruit cubes on sticks

 Giant Platter of assorted grapes

 Huge platter of carrot batons

 Bowls of raisins

 Giant platter of wraps, choice of fillings

 Huge platter of mini pizza slices

 Platter of pure chicken breast goujons with sauce

 Platter of children’s sandwiches

Catering for the Adults – As you know, the adults get hungry too! We supply a full choice of giant platters for the adults using only the fresh finest ingredients, beautifully presented for your adult guests.

 Giant sandwich platter

 Giant platter with assorted wraps

 Giant platter of mini bagels 

 Huge plate of mini assorted filled rolls

 Giant platter of vegetable crudités with 2 dips

 Giant sushi platter

 Giant fresh fruit platter

 Three giant bowls of high quality crisps with 2 dips

 Traditional and huge party platter containing mini sausages, sausage rolls, mini pies and quiche

 Indian selection of hors d’oeuvres

 Chinese selection of assorted starters

 Assorted mini quiches

 Huge platter of chicken satay and mini kebabs with dip

 Platter of 80 mini sausages with choice of dips

 Giant platter stunning mini gateaux in assorted flavours

 Platter of 40 mini cakes such as éclairs, doughnuts, scones and brownies

 Unlimited hot drinks package with biscuits, served from our professional urn (our staff must be present for this option)

 Unlimited cold drinks package, large variety of drinks, complete with high quality disposable cups


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