SEN Sensitive Children's Parties

We understand that parties for SEN children can be a strange, daunting, challenging and stressful experience. Whether this is due to sensory processing and / or communication difficulties, our dedicated team have created SEN sensitive parties to reduce this stressful time for all.

We are passionate about producing inclusive opportunities for children and promoting a positive experience of parties, not just for this one event, but for children to enjoy attending and hosting parties going forward.

During your pre party consultation you will meet with our SEN Specialist and also a Party Planner. The SEN specialist Carla has 15 years experience working with individuals with special educational needs, she is trained in sensory processing, communication, Makaton, play therapy, behaviour support, zones of regulation, social and emotional strategies and much more. Carla is the founder of Integrated Therapy Life and is dedicated to providing a bespoke inclusive, positive experience of the party.

At the consultation Carla will discuss a range of areas from communication needs, sensory processing, strategies, triggers, visual supports, specialised equipment and more, ensuring the appropriate resources and support systems are in place so that your child and their guests can access and enjoy the party. She will also discuss the pre party support plan and how best to prepare your child for their special day.

At the consultation our Party planner Rachel will assist you in planning the actual party. She will listen to your requirements, discuss party ideas plus make professional recommendations for the entertainment, decorations and any other party services you might require. These recommendations will be designed to fit with the children and their needs. Carla and Rachel will then work together to tailor the various elements of the party taking into consideration all of the above.

Prior to your party we understand that it is important to prepare your child for their special day. We will create a range of bespoke that you will receive in plenty of time prior to the event. These include...

• Social Story • Mini Schedule • Countdown Board • Any additional resources to meet individual child's needs

We will offer a range of specialised equipment to meet your child’s individual needs. All equipment will be set up by our specialist staff. Some of these include...

 Visual Supports

Visual timetable (individual timetables if required) ↔ Sequence boards ↔ Timers ↔ Emotion Fans ↔ Zones of Regulation ↔ Now and Next Cards ↔ Visual Cue Cards

 Communication supports

PECS ↔ Static communication boards ↔ Makaton ↔ Any other required communication support systems

 Sensory Regulation

Wobble cushions ↔ Weighted creatures ↔ Ear defenders ↔ Relax zones (pop-up tents with soft furnishings and relaxing sensory equipment to help regulate) ↔ Chewy Toys ↔ Fidget Toys ↔ Wobble Boards ↔ Peanut Balls ↔ Selection of sensory accessories ↔ Tailored sensory equipment for individuals as required

Staff On the day there will be trained staff to set up the SEN package and support your child throughout their party. There will also always be an Event Manager present to assist with the party and ensure the smooth running of this special event from start to finish. Alongside all of the above preparation is the fun part! We have worked tirelessly to offer this fantastic range of SEN Sensitive entertainment options for your event. All of the suppliers offered are SEN trained, some work in schools or as full-time entertainers but with SEN backgrounds and experience.

Silent Disco ↔ Silent Disco with Dancing Leader ↔ Music, Dancing and Interactive Games Party ↔ Movement and Dancing Party ↔ Yoga Party ↔ Character Party (Princess, Superhero etc) ↔ Arts and Crafts Party ↔ Soft Play Party ↔ Science Workshop ↔ Bubble Show ↔ Face Painting / Temporary Tattoos ↔ Balloon Modelling ↔ Sensory Explore Workshop

Should you require it, we are delighted to be able to offer a wide range of professional party services to add to your wonderful event. Please see our outline list below.

Party Decorations - seasonal packages available (i.e. Christmas, Easter, Eid etc). • Catering - including allergy-free • Novelty Catering - such as popcorn, candyfloss, chocolate fountain etc • Professional Photographer • Novelty Cakes - including allergy-free • Personalised cupcakes and cookies - including allergy-free • Inflatables and Soft Play Hire • Fancy Dress Costumes • Printed Invitations, Personalised Posters and any other Printed Materials • Party Bags • Anything else you might need?
Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs for this specialist and professional service. We would be delighted to assist you further.


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